FamilyMart CSR

Under FamilyMart's slogan of "FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family," the Company and its stakeholders seek to move forward in partnership, based on a relationship of trust.
Aiming to become an even more vital part of the community and pursuing further convenience while meeting customers' needs as a part of the social and lifestyle infrastructure, our role has expanded beyond only sales to include everything from fi nancial and other services to being a point of safety and a base for disaster preparation.
FamilyMart's CSR as a group with stores throughout Japan and around the world is to provide residents of local communities with a better life and social and lifestyle infrastructure with added value.

FamilyMart CSR

Bolstered CSR Management through ISO 26000

Today, there is a need for companies to demonstrate social responsibility through the implementation of ISO 26000.
As FamilyMart has more than 22,000 stores in Japan and overseas, a world standard for CSR management is essential. Since fiscal 2011, we have introduced self-check sheets based on ISO 26000 and we are working to survey the present situation and identify the issues in our CSR activities. We aim to show social responsibility in all the countries in which we operate and grow with local communities.

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