When was FamilyMart established?
FamilyMart Co., Ltd. was established on September 1, 1981.
What is the origin of the FamilyMart company name?
The name FamilyMart was chosen to represent our approach of treating our customers as if we were all members of the same family. In addition, the relationship between the Company's head office and its franchisees is a strong bond akin to family ties, in which both sides strive together to achieve mutual prosperity and growth.
What is the origin of FamilyMart's distinctive triple-banded color scheme?
FamilyMart's basic color scheme consists of green, white, and blue. Most people find green and blue to be the most soothing colors. Green evokes images of nature (and, by extension, environmental protection), freshness, youthfulness, and cleanliness. Blue, on the other hand, is associated in people's minds with urban life, intelligence, hope, and freedom. When you also consider that green naturally makes us think of trees and grass, and that blue is associated with water, such as from springs, the combination of these two colors obviously expresses the idea of a “pleasant environment.”
When was FamilyMart listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
The company's stock was listed for trading on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 1987, and upgraded to the First Section in August 1989.
What is FamilyMart's securities code?
What is the minimum number of shares per trade?
When will FamilyMart next release its earnings figures?
Please refer to our IR Calendar.
Where can I obtain FamilyMart's financial results?
Please refer to the section Financial Results and Presentations.
Where can I obtain FamilyMart's annual reports?
Please refer to the section Annual Reports.
Where can I find out the current number of stores operated by the FamilyMart Group?
Please refer to the section Number of Stores.

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