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Dec. 27, 2010

FamilyMart Annual Report 2010 Wins Prize at the 13th NIKKEI Annual Report Awards

FamilyMart's Annual Report 2010 was awarded a prize for placing among the top 12 companies at the 13th NIKKEI Annual Report Awards sponsored by Nikkei, Inc. (Nihon Keizai Shimbun).

The NIKKEI Annual Report Awards have been held every year since 1998, with the goal of improving annual report quality and assisting in their growth and dissemination. This fiscal year marked the 13th year of the competition, for which 71 companies' annual reports were nominated. A panel of judges made up of fund managers and securities analysts review the reports, which are strictly evaluated and scored.

FamilyMart's Annual Report 2010 was critically acclaimed and cited in part for being "A high-quality report that clearly communicated the company's overall performance, market analysis, business issues and future strategies. The report was also informative, featuring a lengthy section devoted to its overseas business. The report was brightly colored and simple in design while its content was reader-friendly." FamilyMart was awarded an even higher prize this year than the "honorable mention" it received last year.

Please click here to see Annual Report 2010.

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