Butter Coffee

※1  It is permissible to display ‘Zero saccharide’ on product that contains under 0.5g saccharide per 100ml.※2  New Zealand Grass-Fed butter, which is made from all year round pasture grazing cows, is used in this product. However, when there’s not enough grass, grain is temporarily used to cover the shortage.

What’s butter coffee? Grass-Fed butter and MCT oil You can easily get good quality oil from this special coffee.

This Arabica coffee contains butter and MCT oil. We use specially and carefully selected ingredients, e.g. Grass-Fed butter made in New Zealand. It has a deep, delicate and refreshing taste.

Special features of butter coffee

  • グラスフェッドバター
  • MCTオイル
  • 厳選のコーヒー
Questions about butter coffee

Secrets of the development of butter coffee



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Grass-Fed Butter

image of Grass-Fed butter

Grass-Fed butter made in New Zealand

Grass-Fed butter is made from year round pasture grazing dairy cow’s milk. This Grass-Fed butter is used in FamilyMart’s butter coffee.


image of MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil

MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil

MCT oil is from medium chain fatty acids. Its absorbency and decomposition combustion are quicker compared to long-chain fatty acids. So, it’s easier to convert to energy and more difficult to accumulate in the body.


image of coffee

Three kinds of Arabica beans are blended in this coffee.

We use Brazilian coffee beans, which are ranked as the highest “No.2” grade, for the base taste. Colombian and Guatemalan beans are also blended. We’ve made the best tasting butter coffee.


Recently butter coffee has become popular. Here are interviews of people who continue to drink butter coffee and the good points about it.

ienomi style おウチで飲む、食べる



Take good oil from Grass-Fed butter and MCT oil easily.Non-sugar, special and original Butter Coffee

  • Type of product:lactic drink
  • Product name:Butter Coffee
  • Date put on sale:Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Quantity:240ml
  • Company info:Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.
  • Price:¥184(¥198 tax included)
  • Store info:FamilyMart all over Japan (excluding some stores and regions).

※In some areas, price may differ.※Some areas and stores may not sell this item.※This photo is an image.

  • Q
    What is FamilyMart’s butter coffee?
    Non-salt Grass-Fed butter and MCT oil are added into this carefully selected Arabica coffee. It’s very drinkable.
  • Q
    This coffee contains butter, so isn’t it high in calories?
    This coffee has 157kcal per 1 bottle. (It’s written that company A’s chilled Café Latte drink has 169kcal per 240ml.)
  • Q
    What does Zero saccharide mean?
    Saccharide is part of d-glucose, fructose, sugar and lactose. However, there is glucide which doesn’t contain saccharide, like starch (polysaccharide) and xylitol(sugar alcohol). According to the nutritional regulations concerning labeling, which are based on the Health Promotion Act, it’s possible to display “saccharide free” on a product that contains less than 0.5g of saccharide (analysis value) per 100g. (Butter contains very little saccharide.)
  • Q
    Why doesn’t it say “glucide(carbohydrate) free”?
    According to the regulations concerning nutritional labeling, which are based on the Health Promotion Act, products that meet the “zero glucide” standard must contain less than 0.5g of glucide per 100g/100ml. This product contains a little glucide which comes from coffee, so we can’t display “zero glucide”.
  • Q
    What is “Grass-Fed” butter?
    “Grass-Fed” means that the animal used to produce the dairy product was only fed grass. Grass-Fed butter is made from Grass-Fed cow’s milk. At present, grain fed milk is used in many products.
  • Q
    What kind of Grass-Fed butter is used in FamilyMart’s butter coffee?
    In our butter coffee, we use New Zealand’s non-salt Grass-Fed butter. However, when there’s not enough grass, grain is temporarily used to cover the shortage.
  • Q
    What is MCT oil?
    It’s a kind of vegetable oil. MCT stands for “Medium Chain Triglycerides.”. 100 percent MCT oil is called MCT oil. It’s refined from coconut oil etc. Medium chain fatty acids are neutral fats. However, MCT oil contain less carbon compared to ordinary vegetable oil. It doesn’t go through the fat tissue or muscles and it goes straight to the liver and quickly converts to body energy. That’s why MCT oil is widely used in medical and nursing care for nutritional support.
  • Q
    How much Grass-Fed butter and MCT oil does this butter coffee contain?
    In a bottle of Butter Coffee(240ml) there is a tablespoon of Grass-Fed butter and a teaspoon of MCT oil.
  • Q
    What kind of coffee beans do you use?
    We blend three kinds of coffee beans: Brazilian, Colombian and Guatemalan. The Brazilian coffee bean is ranked as the highest “No. 2” grade. It is used as the base coffee bean for the blend coffee.
  • Q
    I think Butter Coffee is usually a hot drink. Why is this cold?
    With the present processing technology, we have not yet developed a product that can be preserved for a long time under hot temperatures. So, we are selling a chilled product. It’s also delicious warmed up. Please open the product, pour it in another cup and warm it up in a microwave.
  • Q
    Who should drink this Butter Coffee?
    It’s for people who work hard every day, have difficulty controlling their meals and don’t like sweet tasting coffees or café lattes. It’s also for people who don’t like strong black coffee or for those that simply like coffee and want to try many different kinds. We hope many people will enjoy this coffee.
  • ※All the photos are images.
  • ※Some areas and stores may not sell this item.
  • ※In some areas, price may differ.
  • ※ This product is subject to the reduced tax rate. Price is quoted at a tax rate of 8%.