Q.When was the Company founded?

A.September 1, 1981.

Q.What is the origin of the Company name?

A.The name FamilyMart represents the idea that customers, together with the franchise stores and head office, grow together while having a familial relationship.

Q.When did the Company list its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

A.It listed its shares on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December 1987, and in May 1989 it was designated to the First Section.

Q.What is the Company’s securities code?


Q.When is the next financial results announcement?

A.Please see the IR Calendar for details.

Q.How can I get the latest financial results information?

A.Please see the IR Library on our website. The following information is available:
Consolidated Financial Results / Supplemental Financial Information / Presentation / Integrated Report / Financial Summary

Q.Could you tell me about Family Mart’s history?

A.Please see the Company History page for details.

Q.What companies are consolidated subsidiaries of FamilyMart?

A.Consolidated subsidiaries include Taiwan FamilyMart and Senior Life Create Co., Ltd., a company operating a boxed lunch delivery business for the elderly.

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