Basic Information About Our Stock

Fiscal year March 1 to the last day of February
Complete brand conversion Record Date for Exercising Rights at Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
February 28 each year
Record Date for Full-year dividend
February 28 each year
Record Date for Interim dividend
August 31 each year
Ordinary general meeting of shareholders May each year
Method of giving public notices The Company's public notices shall be given by electronic means. However, in the event that electronic public notices cannot be provided due to an accident or other unavoidable circumstances, public notices shall appear in the newspaper The Nihon Keizai Shimbun, which is published in the Metropolis of Tokyo.
Stock exchange listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (First Section)
Securities code 8028
Trading unit of shares 100 shares
Lead managing securities company Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
Secondary managing securities company Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
Primary bank Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Resona Bank, Limited.

Historical Splits

Fiscal yearAllotment
Stock Split FY2018 4 for 1
Stock Split FY1996 1.1 for 1
Stock Split FY1995 1.1 for1
Stock Split FY1994 1.2 for 1
Stock Split FY1993 1.1 for 1
Stock Split FY1991 1.2 for 1
Rights Offering FY1990 0.2 per stock
Rights Offering FY1989 0.2 per stock

Note: The above is the history since fiscal year 1989 when the Company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Distribution of the Shareholders

(As of August 31, 2020)

Japanese financial institutions and securities companies 24.41%
Other Japanese corporations 65.85%
Foreign institutions and individuals 8.28%
Japanese individuals and others 1.46%
Total 100.00%

Note:Excluding the number of shares less than one unit

The Ten Largest Shareholders

(As of  August 31, 2020)

Name of ShareholdersShareholdings
1 ITOCHU Corporation 50.10%
2 Retail Investment Company, LLC 15.61%
3 The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Trust account) 13.03%
4 Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Trust account) 5.94%
5 Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Securities investment trust unit) 1.65%
6 BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited 0.70%
7 Custody Bank of Japan, Ltd.(Trust account 5) 0.65%
8 J.P. MORGAN BANK LUXEMBOURG S.A. 1300000 0.61%
Total 89.32%

Note: All percentage figures are calculated by the total number of shares issued and outstanding excluding treasury stocks held by the Company.

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