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At FamilyMart, you can withdraw cash using overseas-issued credit cards.

  • E-net ATM

    You can take out cash using the following overseas-issued cards at stores equipped with E-net ATMs.
    *Cash cannot be taken out from ATMs without the digital signage at the top.

    Four languages options available.
    (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese)

  • Japan Post Bank ATM

    You can take out cash using the following overseas-issued cards at stores equipped with Japan Post Bank ATMs.

    Two languages options available.

Credit card

A range of credit cards are accepted at all FamilyMart stores.
The UnionPay debit cards is only accepted at selected stores. Accepted credit cards are shown below.

UnionPay debit card

The UnionPay debit cards can be used at selected FamilyMart stores.
It can only be used in a limited number of stores.

(The link is in Chinese.)

popular products

At FamilyMart, you can shop for original omusubi (rice balls), hot snacks, sweets, beverages, cosmetics, and more.

  • 商品イメージ
  • 商品イメージ
    Inari Sushi (3)
  • 商品イメージ
    Tuna, Lettuce, Cheese & Egg
  • 商品イメージ
    Grilled Chicken thigh (salt)
  • 商品イメージ
    Fami-Chiki (Boneless Fried Chicken)
  • 商品イメージ
    Beef Croquette
  • 商品イメージ
    Pork Bun
  • 商品イメージ
    Seafood Stick
  • 商品イメージ
    Souffle Pudding
  • 商品イメージ
    Double Cream Puff
  • 商品イメージ
    Custard Taiyaki
  • 商品イメージ
    Dorayaki Pancake (Red Beans)
  • 商品イメージ
    Blend S/M
  • 商品イメージ
    Ice coffee S/M
  • 商品イメージ
    Cafe latte M
  • 商品イメージ
    Ice Cafe Latte M

※The items listed may not be available in some regions or in some stores.
※The photo is a sample image.

Tax-free shop

Selected FamilyMart stores offer Tax-free shopping.
It can only be used in a limited number of stores.
Purchases must be for personal use and must be taken out of Japan.

(The link is in five languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Japanese.)


You can use a range of services at the multimedia terminals in FamilyMart stores by simply touching the screen.

  • Buying tickets to sports event, movies, concerts, leisure facilities, or buses
  • Buying prepaid cards
  • A range of payment services

(*These are examples. There are other services available as well.)


You can use free Wi-Fi at around 16,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide. *Not available at all stores.
The FamilyMart Wi-Fi app allows three sessions per day of up to 60 minutes each.


Selected FamilyMart stores now have spaces where you can eat the omusubi (rice balls) or coffee you bought then and there .
*Not available at all stores.
Please be considerate of other customers when you dine or relax in these spaces.



FamilyMart offers free restrooms.
Please note that some stores may not have restrooms available for customer use.

Correct use of restrooms

  • Please sit on the seat when using the lavatory.

  • Please flush the toilet paper down the lavatory.

  • Smoking is also prohibited in the restrooms.

Please note that the restrooms will also be used by staff members.

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