Basic policy on ethics and compliance

FamilyMart, in accordance with its “FamilyMart Basic Policy”, will observe the ethics and compliance globally based on the following seven principles.

1.Sound business management

We will manage a sound business by conducting appropriate organizational management and actively and fairly disclosing corporate information.

2.Providing safe and secure products and services

We will ensure the quality control of our products and services and maintain an appropriate sales environment.

3.Fair trade

Maintain fair, transparent and free trade. Also maintain a healthy and normal relationship with politics and government.

4.Appropriate information management

We strictly manage the personal information and confidential information obtained through business activities.

5. Environmental awareness

Recognizing that protection of the global environment is an essential requirement for the existence and activity of a company, we will engage in activities focused on the global environment.

6. Creation of an ideal workplace environment

We respect the individual character and human rights of each employee and will endeavor to maintain an open workplace environment that values richness and comfort.

7.Non-association with criminal elements

We do not associate at all with criminal elements and groups that threaten social order or safety.

FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and President

Kensuke Hosomi

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