To begin, I would like to express my gratitude to all those supporting us in our lives as we continue to experience the effects of COVID-19 with no end in sight. In addition to doctors, nurses, and other health care workers, I am truly thankful to all of those who are struggling on the front lines to support their local communities. FamilyMart stands on the front lines with them, thanks to the unyielding efforts of our franchised stores. I am truly moved at the thought of their efforts.


In September 2021, FamilyMart will celebrate its 40th anniversary. With the support of stakeholders, including our customers, franchised stores, business partners, we have grown into a convenience store chain with approximately 25,000 stores in Japan and overseas. In keeping with our corporate message “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family,” we have maintained our stance of contributing to local communities while staying close at heart with the customers in each region, as if they were family.


The spread of COVID-19 has prompted digitalization at an accelerated pace and a sudden change in customers’ lifestyles. As this takes place, I believe it is necessary to respond quickly and with a sense of urgency to changes in how the convenience store business must operate, as these stores play an essential role in day-to-day life.


Taking in these circumstances, we will look back to our message, “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family” and use it as our guide for our 40th year.Therefore, we will work together with our franchised stores and do our utmost to determine how to become a complete convenience store for our customers, in terms of product development, convenience, and familiarity. Our goal is to create essential places that go beyond convenience by building a family connection with each and every customer.

Kensuke Hosomi

Representative Director and President

March 1, 2021

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