In recent years, the business environment for the retail industry has been transforming due to factors including population aging, birth rate decline, lifestyle changes, diversification of values, and the rapid advancement of digital technologies.

In November 2018, the conversion of Circle K and Sunkus brand stores to FamilyMart stores was completed, after a short period of only two years and three months, establishing a network of approximately 16,500 FamilyMart stores in Japan.

And Launched in July 2019, FamiPay is our proprietary smartphone app and a cornerstone of our efforts for moving forward with digitization. Also on this front, we will leverage our physical touchpoints with around 15.0 million customers a day and 5.5 billion customers a year to increase customers’ motivation to visit stores through an open strategy that realizes compatibility with many different types of cashless payment and loyalty points. At the same time, we will take on ambitious initiatives to create new financial services, advertising, and marketing businesses as well as to introduce digitally enabled, next-generation store operations.

In response to the mounting changes to our business environment, we will take full advantage of our store network to solidify the FamilyMart brand while exercising an even-higher degree of corporate social responsibility by providing safe and reliable food products and addressing environmental issues.

On September 1, 2019, a merger took place between FamilyMart UNY Holdings Co., Ltd., and FamilyMart Co., Ltd., after which the surviving company’s name was changed to FamilyMart Co., Ltd., signaling the birth of a new FamilyMart.

Also at this time, we revised our basic principles to more clearly define the roles that we should play based on our corporate message of “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family.”

The word “Family” in our name represents a bond that connects all stakeholders, including employees, customers, franchised stores, and business partners.

Looking ahead, we will continue to contribute to communities as we aspire to be an entity that is close at heart to our customers in each region, like “Family,” and to make this appeal a core aspect of the Company.

Takashi Sawada

Representative Director and President

March 1, 2020

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