In accordance with our corporate message, “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family,” FamilyMart has continued evolving in line with social changes and customer needs, and has grown into a chain of convenience stores with approximately 25,000 stores in Japan and overseas. I would like to take this opportunity to show my deep appreciation to all the customers who have supported FamilyMart, our franchised stores, and everyone related to FamilyMart.


Based on our Medium-Term Management Plan, fiscal 2022 to fiscal 2024 have been positioned as “three years for achieving renewed growth,” and we will create a positive growth cycle through both reinforcement of the foundation of our convenience store business and expansion of new businesses by leveraging this foundation. In fiscal 2023, we will expand installation and launch full-scale operation of digital signage we refer to as “FamilyMartVision,” or FMV, in 10,000 stores to achieve new growth in the pursuit of “Where You Are One of the Family” in the digital age. As well as introducing the next stage of store computer, to stores nationwide, we will expand introduction of humanoid AI assistants that support store managers with daily operations to 5,000 stores. We are committed to creating stores chosen by everyone in the local community through enhancement of productivity by actively utilizing these digital tools and thoroughly improving QSC (quality, service, and cleanness), which is the basis of the retail business.


2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Accordingly, we are determined to take a great leap forward and work together with our franchised stores as the traffic of people is expected to increase in earnest both in Japan and overseas as COVID-19 comes under control. In fiscal 2023, we aim to be a convenience store that is rooted closely in the local community, like family, while aspiring to create essential places that go beyond convenience in line with our corporate message “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family.”

Kensuke Hosomi

Representative Director and President

March 1, 2023

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