Message from Our President

At FamilyMart, we have always regarded the communities we operate in as a member of our “family,” and constantly strive not only to provide convenience but also to help overcome their challenges.


Our commitment to always ensuring a close connection with these communities and customers is something that we believe goes hand in hand with the concept of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted drastic shifts to consumer awareness and behavior and put the future of the global environment and society at risk. Our proactive approach to realizing the SDGs is a clear reflection of FamilyMart’s commitment to continuous growth and equality.


With the goal of realizing the medium- to long-term environmental targets set out in “FamilyMart Environmental Vision 2050,” we will steadily proceed with such immediately enforceable actions as reducing energy use by ensuring high levels of quality, service, and cleanliness, as well as with measures aimed at achieving specific targets, which include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste, and food loss.


Moreover, we will look to expand the number of FamilyMart stores involved in community engagement activities including “Famima Children’s Cafeteria” and “Famima Circle” for the elderly, both of which encourage locals to gather and mingle at our eating spaces, and “Famima Food Drive,” which contributes to the reduction of food loss and encourages food support within communities through the cooperation of customers, franchised stores, partner organizations, and FamilyMart headquarters.


Additionally, in accordance with our policy on respect for human rights, a value that is shared worldwide, FamilyMart will strive to become a company that actively promotes diversity and inclusion and continues to be valued by stakeholders everywhere. In so doing, we will help realize a society that embraces diversity and brings out a positive energy in the lives of every individual.


Guided by our corporate message, “FamilyMart, Where You Are One of the Family,” we are committed to working collectively with all of our stakeholders by embracing our “with sustainability!” motto toward the realization of a sustainable society. With this in mind, we will continue to frame the changing times as opportunities and relentlessly pursue innovation in the years ahead.


Going forward, I look forward to your continued understanding and support of FamilyMart’s initiatives and to working collectively toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Representative Director and President

 March 1, 2022


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