Supporting the Next Generation

FamilyMart is engaged in various initiatives supporting the next generation to create a warm and enriched future society.

Thank You Letter Contest

The FamilyMart Thank You Letter Contest is held every June to September, open to elementary school children across Japan. It aims to get children to convey their feelings of gratitude on paper and to learn the importance of communication and saying thank you.
The Thank You Letter Contest became a program supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2019.

FamilyMart Children’s Cafeteria

This is an effort to support the revitalization of the local community by using an eat-in space in FamilyMart Stores, and providing opportunities for local children and neighbors to surround the table and communicate together.

Experiencing work through the Child Store Manager initiative

This is an effort to have children experience their work at an actual FamilyMart store. We offer an opportunity to learn with fun about the social structure.

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