Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders of FamilyMart

FamilyMart aims to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society, and we believe that it is necessary and essential to actively and continuously engage in constructive dialogue and collaboration with all of our stakeholders. Based on this way of thinking, we have established opportunities to directly receive the needs and expectations of all of our stakeholders regarding the responsibility and role that the Company should fulfill with respect to society through its business activities. We take into account the valuable opinions and requests we have received by utilizing them for revision of our material issues and improvement of our business activities, which in turn leads to higher quality product development and services and improvement of our brand management. Promotion of this kind of engagement is useful for the construction of good relationships with all of our stakeholders and is a foundational activity that supports our evolution into a company that is even more trusted by society.

From fiscal year 2017 to 2018, we were able to create an extremely large number of opportunities for engagement and we received many opinions and requests. Below we describe the status of implementation of engagement with the main stakeholders of the Company.

  Method / Content Achievements and Evaluation Response / Plan


  • Sales channels including stores, online shopping, and Automatic Super Delice (ASD)
  • Responding to customer inquiries at Customer Service Office
  • Holding in-store events with customers
  • Responsible advertising, product displays, and marketing
  • Dispatching user-specific information through FamiPay app
  • Reflection in sales and number of customers visiting stores
  • Improvement of the evaluation of products and services
  • Voices to the Customer Service Office: 91,053
  • Downloads of FamiPay app: 4 million (as of November 30, 2019
  • Improve the quality of products and services that meet consumer needs
  • Improve store management quality, including product lineup, customer interactions, cleanliness, etc.
  • Increase communication opportunities using in-store equipment and apps
  • Pursuit of easy to understand and ensuring accuracy of product displays

Local communities / NGO

  • Dialog through Customer Service Office
  • Support for development of the next generation, prevention of crime and disaster,dialogue with communities through customer-participation events
  • Collaboration with the local government
  • Direct dialog with elementary schools through the development of the next generation
  • Donations collected at stores and from FamilyMart employees
  • Cooperating to hold local events and community activities
  • Human support for the operation of organizations
  • Strengthening of the environment awareness of the children in the local community
  • Contribution to local crime and disaster prevention systems
  • Food and supplies distributed in natural disaster:about 5,000 bottles of drinks including 600 ml bottles of water; about 4,000 bottles of vegetable juice
  • Relief donations to disaster-affected areas: ¥99 million
  • Fiscal 2018 donations (except relief to disaster-affected areas): ¥444 million
  • Proposal and implementation of the development of the next generation and local community activities through stores
  • Expand community contribution activities based on comprehensive partnership agreements, disaster relief agreements, and watch over agreements
  • Effective use of donations collected at stores, from FamilyMart employees and from corporation.
  • Aware of resolving social issues of customers, franchised stores, and employees

Franchised stores

  • Establish and implement action plans to support franchised stores
  • On-site visits by the president and have conversations with franchised stores
  • Direct meetings with the President
  • Regular store visits by the supervisor
  • Kansha no Tsudoi (Gratitude Gathering; a meeting to announce fiscal year policies/product seminars
  • Operation of Staff Hiring Center and "FamiJOB", a system for recruiting store staff
  • Distribution of internal on-line monthly magazines for franchised stores
  • Operation of Franchised Store Relations Office
  • Stores inspected by President: more than 700 (since assuming office in September 2016)
  • Kansha no Tsudoi: held 16 times at 11 venues nationwide (fiscal 2018)
  • Satisfaction with product seminars: more than 90% (autumn-winter 2018)
  • Strengthening holding of region/district-hosted store manager meetings
  • Strengthening/enhancing of: support for free health examination services, seminars for improving store management skills, support system for managers to take leave, support for dispatching staff to stores (since June 2019)
  • Study of store earnings with trial of shorter store business hours (continuing as of November 2019)
  • Promote store management efficiency
  • Increase store’s profit
  • Expand store operation support
  • Establish of deep trust relationship
  • Create community-based stores that understand and contribute to the local communities

Store staff

  • Store staff awards program
  • Full-time employee promotion system for excellent staff
  • Periodic training for store staff
  • SST (Store Staff Total System) Workshop
  • Training support by Famima School
  • Workshops for foreign staff
  • Number of awarded staff: 59,974, 253 staff won the Top prize/the Excellent Staff prize
  • Excellent staff promoted to full-time employees: 10 (accumulated since 2017)
  • Famima School: run 329 times; participants: 8,816
  • Workshops for foreign staff: 286 participants
  • Started of free health examinations support service (June 2019)
  • Reduce store workload and optimize manpower
  • Enhancement and expansion of the system for store staff to get more motivated
  • Enhance contents of workshops for store staff and trainings for foreign staff

Shareholders and investors

  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Financial results briefing (including overseas)
  • Meeting to exchange views with investors
  • Explanatory meeting on sustainability
  • Information disclosure in the official website and in various reports
  • Number of shareholders: 10,444 (as of the end of February 2019)
  • Attendees at 38th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders: 152
  • Individual meetings with investors: approx. 300 times
  • Domestic and overseas conferences (sponsored by securities companies): 10 times
  • Improve shareholder value
  • Simple and sincere information disclosure focused on accuracy, swiftness, and fairness
  • Construction of a sound and highly transparent management system
  • Enhance information disclosures with a focus on response to ESG investment

Future generations

  • Cooperation and support for educational programs for high school/university students
  • Hosting contests for elementary school children
  • Provision of learning opportunities of work experience, etc.
  • Supporting hands-on learning programs held by NGOs/NPOs through donations
  • Participants in Fiscal 2018 internship: 1,355
  • Support for Kikigaki Koshien (sponsored by a non-profit)
  • Support for data utilization competition (sponsored by Wakayama Prefecture)
  • Thank You Letter Contest (supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Cumulative letters entered: more than 320,000
  • Forest Classes (sponsored by the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization) Kindergarten children participated: more than 20,000
  • Expansion of programs offered
  • Increasing store and employee participation rate in program


  • Product policy briefing
  • Information sharing with other companies
  • Establishment of consultation service for business partners
  • Conduct surveys for business partners
  • Conduct factory audits with Japan Food Supply (JFS) from the perspective of CSR procurement
  • Information sharing and capacity improvement on quality and hygiene management with outsourcing manufacturing contractors of ready-to-eat products
  • 118 business partner surveys have been answered out of 266 sent, of which 8 free-answers, 11 complaints, 1 praise
  • JFS ingredients claims: 95.6% YoY
  • Claims for producers of ready-to-eat products: 85.0% YoY
  • Strengthening of governance in the entire supply chains and consideration of human rights and the environment
  • Educating suppliers about FamilyMart Sustainability Procurement Principles and Supply Chain CSR Code of Conduct


  • Conducting employee awareness survey
  • Rally seminars by President
  • Employee training/self-development support system
  • Supervisor award system
  • Self-evaluations (stress checks) / personal interviews with supervisor
  • Internal portal site / company magazine
  • Labor-management dialogue
  • Dialogues and discussions held with top managements (11 locations in Japan) Brainstorming: more than 2,000 sessions (accumulated)
  • Participation rate of stress check: 82.4%
  • Participants of employees training supervised by the Human Resource Department: 6,169
  • Collection rate of employee satisfaction survey conducted by labor union: 97.1%
  • Securing and developing diverse human resources
  • Improve business as well as ability of planning proposal.
  • Improve support for work-life balance
  • Expand education and training system
  • Promote good maintenance of both mental and physical health

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