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Prohibiting the sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to minors

FamilyMart is promoting efforts to prohibit the sale of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages to minors. In July 2017, the program for cash registers was updated so that an audio message notifies the cashier when cigarettes or alcoholic beverages are scanned. At the same time, a message is displayed on the register to both the cashier side and the customer side. This makes it easier to alert the store staff and allow the customer to verify that he or she is of age. When store staff are employed, they go through age verification training before serving customers, and we hold periodic education sessions on the sales structure of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages twice a year for staff from all stores.

In addition to checking records that indicate the completion of the periodic education sessions, store managers and supervisors also make sure that shelf labels for alcoholic beverages and the position of the products are organized correctly as decreed by law. They also check to see that POP displays prohibiting minors from smoking and drinking alcohol are in place, as well as posters indicating that customers will be asked to verify their age.

Age Verification at the Cash Register

  • 1.When cigarettes or alcohol products are scanned, the register plays an audio message. “Please verify your age.”
  • 2.A message appears simultaneously on the register screen, on both the cashier side and customer side.
  • 3.The audio instructs the customer to tap the button on the screen. “We may ask to see your ID.”


Message on the register screen (customer side)


Message on the register screen (store staff side)

Efforts to Improve Smoking Manner

If a FamilyMart store is in a designated public non-smoking area, ash trays are typically removed from the storefront. In other areas, ash trays have been relocated away from the store entrance to prevent littering of cigarette butts and smoking while walking. In addition, we work together with Japan Tobacco Inc. to display messages and signs that promote better smoking manners.

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