Continuous Improvement of Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

FamilyMart has established an ISO 14001-based environmental management system (EMS) at all our businesses consistent with our basic principles and sustainability/environmental policies.

Operational Structure for the Environmental Management System

Since 1999, we have been pushing forward with environmental improvements in all stores and offices through the introduction of the companywide environmental management system headed by the president.

Apart from receiving environmental inspections by external institutions, internal environmental audits are conducted by employees of the Sustainability Promotion Department.

In fiscal 2022, we conducted internal environmental audits of all major head office departments, all regional headquarters that oversee regional operations, and all stores. We also received renewed ISO 14001 certification following an audit by an external organization.


Operational Structure for Environmental Manegement

Sustainability Committee

This committee is chaired by the Chief Marketing Officer (who is also the General Manger of the Marketing Division) with members consisting of the heads of each division. The committee meets once every six months.

The Sustainability Committee deliberates on matters submitted to it regarding FamilyMart’s sustainability activities, such as verifying and assessing the status of achievements for sustainability implementation plans and drafting new measures.

Environment Promoters

The person in charge of each department, as an environmental promoter, creates and carries out a sustainability implementation plan for his/her department, monitors the progress of the plan each quarter, verifies activity results, and makes revisions as part of efforts to address five FamilyMart’s material issues (materialities).

Five Important Material Issues (Materialities)

Conducting internal and external environmental audits for certification renewal

An internal environmental audit of all FamilyMart stores and offices is conducted each year to check if the environmental management system is being properly and efficiently conducted based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. In addition, audits by an external auditing organization have been conducted regularly since our ISO 14001 certification was received in March 1999. A major environmental audit that is required every three years for ISO 14001 certification renewal was done in November 2021. This audit covered the offices that oversee stores and regions as well as core divisions of the head office. The audit was passed and our certification renewed.

Store audits by external organizations

Store audits by external organizations

Management Review

Each year, we confirm the effectiveness of our environmental management system based on the results of our sustainability activities. Confirmed points for improvement in the next fiscal year are shared within the company, and we work to continuously improve the environmental management system.

Environmental Training

FamilyMart conducts environmental education and awareness enhancement training to allow office managers and supervisors, as well as store managers and store staff, to promote activities in unison.

Store Environmental Education

The environmental education publication Eco Partner is issued three times a year for all FamilyMart store managers and store staff to explain environmental regulations and things that stores can do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. From fiscal 2019 on, it has been distributed in digital format that is accessible for store staff and others improves environmental awareness and encourages thorough implementation of the activities. Self-assessment checklists are also distributed to stores, which helps us to keep improving environmental activities.



Employee Environmental Education

Once a year education using an e-learning system is given to all employees and covers environmental laws and regulations related to store operation as well as basic knowledge relating to the environment.

In fiscal 2022, we conducted training for all employees regarding the ISO 14001 system and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

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