Material issue 3: Creating Safe and Reliable Products and Services to Bring Convenience and Richness to Everyday Life


Specific Initiatives

Basic Approach

Our Company aims to develop original products based on diverse lifestyles and values, increase and improve product lineup, and meet a wide range of consumer needs.

We take into account various consumer needs when developing or renewing products with high added value that are time-saving, convenient, and used in everyday life, while differentiating from the products of other companies. Also, we work on creating products focusing on lifestyle differences by generation of consumers.

Value Creation

Our Company offers various products to contribute to better living of customers in local communities. We will enhance our sales area to make everyday life fresher and more fun, respond to a wide range of consumer needs, and help each customer achieve his/her desired lifestyle. The advantage of brick-and-mortar stores is that customers can touch and feel products that they have never seen or heard of before or that propose new value. We will make the most of this characteristic and strive to make stores a place where customers encounter new products and experiences.

Operational Structure

In product development, we formulate a development concept based on customers’ requests and various survey results, and each division decides the details of product specification by category. Sales, Marketing, and Merchandising Divisions have a weekly regular meeting where they share information on sales status and promotion and discuss quality improvement. One of our sales measures is the sales promotion project, carried out in partnership with our producers, where we collaborate with a producer each month on a new product that proposes new value to consumers.

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