Promotion of Digitalization to Improve Convenience

Promoting Digitalization

Since November 2018, FamilyMart stores accept all third-party and overseas smartphone apps with barcode payment services. The FamiPay service, which uses a smartphone app to take payment via barcode, began in July 2019. FamiPay can be linked to many types of point programs from other businesses. As of November 2019, it had been downloaded about 4 million times. We are actively promoting services that focus on customer convenience, and not just those that FamilyMart itself offers.


About 15 million people visit a FamilyMart store on an average day. We communicate with them at the store level to actively introduce and recommend FamiPay to them as a very convenient tool. Cashless transactions made up about 20% of transactions at the end of February 2019, but we are working to increase that ratio. This will improve customer convenience and satisfaction and reduce store workloads.

Smartphone app with barcode payment function


Creating New Businesses with Digital Technology

Most of our customer interactions take place at the store level. Therefore, to promote digital technology, it is important to use our connections to customers and the purchasing data we get from day-to-day store management. We established FamiPay as a new customer base. We will use it, along with internal and external resources including Group companies, to explore the potential for new businesses not limited to the sale of goods. Specifically, we are looking at developing FamiPay into a financial services business and advertising/marketing business. These would offer great convenience to customers and make good use of our management resources.

<Famima Laundry>

Famima Laundry is a coin-operated laundry service meant to reduce the burden of housework for the growing number of double-income and single-person households. The concept is a service that “makes daily laundry easier, more fun, and more thorough.”

Unlike convenience stores, coin-operated laundries attract more customers on rainy days, so stores can expect increased profit by adjoining or combining with a laundry service. These laundries share a facility with FamilyMart stores, so while waiting for their laundry to finish, customers can shop at FamilyMart or enjoy food and drink in stores’ eating spaces, allowing customers to  spend their time more effectively for a more pleasant lifestyle. As an advantage of both Famima Laundry and FamilyMart is operating 24 hours a day, it  accommodates the diverse lifestyle of customers.

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