Material issue 4: Working with Suppliers to Pursue a Sustainable Supply Chain


Specific Initiatives

Basic Approach

In order for a retail business operator to provide safe and reliable products, it is essential to have centralized management based on a comprehensive perspective in every stage of procurement of raw materials, production, logistics, and sales.

FamilyMart established the Sustainability Procurement Principles and the Supply Chain CSR Code of Conduct based on the Sustainability Policy to fulfill our social responsibility toward building a sustainable society with suppliers. These principles define our relationships with suppliers and our approach to business with them to build and maintain good partnerships through fair and equitable business.

Value Creation

Since many of the products that are produced under thorough quality control throughout the entire supply chain are essential for our daily lives, we have a system in place to minimize impact on customers in case products that do not fulfill the quality control standards are found, such as stopping the sale of such products at stores. Moreover, our supply chain management also indirectly contributes to the enhancement of employee satisfaction at suppliers.

This works to enhance trust in the Company.

Operational Structure

At FamilyMart, the Merchandising & Logistics & Quality Control Division takes the leadership in supply chain management, including the operational status of producers of ready-to-eat items (ready-to-eat items outsources), with the aim of building and improving supply chain management for original ready-to-eat items.

For procurement management, we partner with Japan Food Supply Co., Ltd. (JFS), a group company of ITOCHU Corporation, to make the display of raw materials and the centralized management of traceability available on the system and to secure browsing up to secondary raw materials.

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