Our Responsibilities to Provide Safe and Reliable Products / Services

Efforts that Utilize Customer Feedback (Customer)

FamilyMart develops original products according to our own quality control standards.
In particular, for the outsourced production of ready-to-eat items, we have a quality control system for every supply chain process, from raw materials procurement based on cooperation with business partners, FamilyMart is working to strengthen the systems and structures that ensure safe and reliable products throughout the entire supply chain. In order to pre-emptively control various risks from procurement to consumption we have created an information service “business partner helpline” for all business partners through an external third-party to facilitate early detection and correction of issues and problems concerning the supply chain. Furthermore, the Group conducts a “business partner survey” once per year and confirms that legal violations or fraudulent activity are not occurring. In fiscal year 2018 there were no calls to the “business partner helpline."
Furthermore, the “business partner survey” was sent to 266 companies and 118 responses were collected.
Business partner opinions, requests and other information were reported to the Risk Management Compliance Committee and corrections and improvements are being made.

Efforts that Utilize Customer Feedback (Stores)

The customer feedback received by the FamilyMart Customer Service Office through phone, letter, and the Internet are relayed quickly to the relevant department. The store and a representative from the department work together to share information at all times, and coordinate to make swift improvements. We have, for instance, made improvements through this process for things like the flavor of our French fries and the shape of the lids for our in-store coffee.
In order to understand customer opinion and improve trust relationship, we share these information with all of our employees on the in-house intranet.

System to Turn Customer Feedback Into Improvements

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