Material Issue 2:Evolving as a Regional Revitalization Base Close to People


Specific Initiatives

Basic Approach

As a retailer that plays a role in social and lifestyle infrastructure, we endeavor to contribute to the development of communities and society at large through community-based management. Communities and society at large are experiencing diversification in lifestyles, a few examples being the declining birth rate, the aging society, an increase in the number of foreign nationals in Japan and the advancement of work style reform. The roles of retail brick-and-mortar stores that support people's lives are becoming increasingly important.

In the event of destruction by earthquakes, torrential rain or other natural disasters, we can utilize our national supply and distribution network as a social infrastructure function and quickly deliver material aid to disaster-affected areas. To this end, we systematically and routinely make preparations in collaboration with the national government, local municipalities and other companies.

Value Creation

We provide new discoveries and experiences to daily life through products and services in line with community needs and thereby contribute to realizing happiness in everyday life.

Moreover, we will continue our ongoing efforts to contribute to the vitalization of communities through daily communication and the development of safe and reliable communities by maintaining the stable supply of products toward early recovery at the time of natural disaster.

Operational Structure

Our Company's efforts are based on the needs of each community, centering on our stores but also utilizing the functions of sales, product and logistics departments.

We have made agreements with local municipalities throughout the country regarding aid for disaster-affected areas in the event of large-scale natural disasters. We also prepare support systems for emergencies in collaboration with other companies and groups.

When a disaster occurs, a disaster headquarters will be established, and related departments will work together to arrange for relief goods, dispatch support teams, and accept donations of relief money at stores.


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