Japan Association for the World Food Programme (JAWFP)

Providing food aid to save the lives of people suffering from hunger, in support of their social and economic independence

JAWFP is a certified NPO that supports the World Food Programme (UN WFP) run by the United Nations to provide food aid to those in need. As the Japanese branch of WFP, JAWFP works to gain cooperation from private citizens through publicity and awareness-raising activities as well as by seeking donations.

Today, nearly 800 million people in the world suffer from malnutrition and hunger. UN WFP carries out various efforts to save such people from starvation, such as by: providing emergency food aid to protect the lives of war or natural disaster victims; offering school feeding program to provide children with nutritious meals, access to education and opportunities to enhance learning abilities; as well as providing food aid in exchange for labor to promote the independence of local communities.

FamilyMart has been supporting JAWFP since 2006 by making contributions from the funds raised by the FamilyMart Connecting Dreams Foundation Donation, collected in stores.

Supporting the Myanmar School Feeding Programme

In Myanmar, over 13.2 million people (one in four) across the nation currently face moderate to severe food insecurity, with escalating concerns regarding malnutrition. It is estimated that approximately one in three children suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition.

FamilyMart is actively engaged in supporting the emergency relief efforts led by the UN WFP to address the issue of food insecurity in Myanmar. The scope of emergency aid encompasses crucial activities such as distributing food, providing financial assistance, and offering nutritional support specifically targeted at pregnant women and children. Furthermore, we have been gathering in-store donations for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake that transpired in February 2023. These donations are dedicated to aiding the children and families impacted by the earthquake in partnership with UN WFP.

Activity Reports

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Children having enriched biscuits

Children having enriched biscuits

Taking part in the WFP Walk the World charity walk

FamilyMart is a special sponsor of the WFP Walk the World, a charity walk held in an effort to eradicate hunger amongst many children in the world. Our employees also participate in the walk as volunteers. The event helps to raise awareness for the issue of hunger, and a part of its proceeds goes to the school feeding program run by JAWFP.

WFP Walk the World

WFP Walk the World

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