Monthly Business Performance


(Updated  November 10,2020)

We update monthly sales results and the number of stores with updates on the 10th of every month.

FamilyMart (non-consolidated)

  (YoY change; %)
Existing stores Daily sales 93.9
Number of customers 89.8
Spend per customer 104.6
Total store sales 103.2

Note. The Company discloses the growth rate of average daily sales of existing stores excluding the impact of services : pre-paid cards, tickets. 

Number of stores

FamilyMart (non-consolidated)Japan totalOverseas storesGroup total
Opening 20 155 - - -
Closure 7 111 - - -
Net Increase/decrease 13 44 - - -
Number of Stores 15,730 15,730 16,656 8,214 24,870

Number of stores operated by area franchise companies in Japan

Okinawa FamilyMartMinami-Kyushu FamilyMartJR KYUSHU RETAILTotal
329 390 207 926

【Overview of October 2020】

Since Tokyo prefecture was added to the scope of the Go To Travel Campaign in October, customer numbers were strong as tourist from across the country began returning. Furthermore, the nationwide use of regional coupons began, which was a factor in increased sales of products such as confectionary and alcoholic beverages and boosted sales per customer.


Additionally, sales were strong for Gochimusubi, a new series of delicious and meticulously chosen ingredients launched on October 6, which contributed to an increase in the existing sales of rice dishes.

*Status by product category


 Products introduced on television aired at the end of September and October 17 performed well, clearing the previous year’s figure.

【Daily foods and fresh foods】 

 Products introduced on television aired at the end of September performed well, clearing the previous year’s figure.

【Frozen foods】 

 As in September, sales of frozen noodles, frozen side dishes, and other products that can be easily prepared continued to be robust.

【Fast food coffee】 

 Sales were strong for coffee following television commercials regarding the renewal of coffee products.

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